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TikiTaka Football Development, Sweden in partnership with its sister company in Nigeria, TikiTaka Academy Nigeria Ltd will from August 23 and 24 through August 28, 2015 be holding its Inaugural Coaching Course and Summer Camp designed for Coaches, Prospective Instructors and aspiring football players, individuals with interest in Football as well as individuals interested in understanding the TikiTaka Method.

The TikiTaka Coaching Course will commence on August 23 with two hours Theory sessions each on Sunday, 23rd of August and Wednesday,26th of August with Tommy Johansson, a Head Instructor from TikiTaka Football Development, Sweden to take Prospective Instructors in the theory classes as well as leading the Coaches in Practical sessions where the Coaches will have a chance to practise what they have learnt during the theory class on Monday to friday from August 24-28.

Instructors would have up to 21 practice sessions and at the end of the Coaching Course, where the Participants would have received Step 1 and 2 trainings on the TikiTaka Method they will receive Certificate co-signed by Co-founder of TikiTaka Football Development, Borje Gustasvsson and Head Instructor from Sweden, Tommy Johansson

In addition to the above, participating Coaches will receive Complete TikiTaka branded Coaching Kits consisting of Jacket, shirt and short and a TikiTaka Football Development signed certificate.

Regarding the Summer Camp, Borje Gustavsson, Chairman of TikiTaka Academy Nigeria Ltd, Co-founder of TikiTaka Football Development, Sweden and Father to the Assistant Coach of the USA Women’s Soccer Team, Tony Gustavsson who himself is the other founder of TikiTaka Football Development and who recently won the Women’s world cup in Canada said the camp is very unique and different from all other camps.

In the words of Borje, he said “The TikiTaka method is based on Long experience,

Proven techniques, Scientific studies,

Analysis of successful clubs and nations’

“In football practice, the TikiTaka method means that you from an overall perspective will get all the skills to interact in the game (technical, tactical, physical and mental). It involves, among other things, the ability to construct match similar situations with a high degree of decision making”.

Borje went on to say that “The TikiTaka Method is based on four key factors

Which consists of Overall perspective,

Internal driving force, Balance and Joy”.

In the case of Tommy who has been an Head Instructor with TikiTaka Football Development, Sweden for close to two Years now, also a developer of coaches in Swedish Football Federation For many years who has been responsible in developing more than 1000 coaches and who only joined TikiTaka As Chief Developer and Head Instructor when Tony Gustavsson signed For USA as Assistant Head Coach over a year ago said the Coaching Course will offer theories based on the core aspect of the TikiTaka Method, step 1 and 2 trainings, Educations centered on development of the wholesome personality of footballers and much more.

In Tommy’s words “Nigerian Football People have always displayed a high level of smartness which they are. They are very sensitive people, always inquisitive and quick to learn. With a little bit of technical and tactical educations, Nigeria will be a leading Football Country sitting at the apex of leading football countries across the globe and TikiTaka Football development, Sweden together with its sister company in Nigeria is prepared to offer the required technical and tactical educations expected of it”.

Regarding the Summer Camp, TFD and TikiTaka Academy Nigeria Ltd will be having its first edition beginning from August 24 to 28, 2015 at the Union Bank Sports Complex.

Participating kids will receive ten sessions of exciting TikiTaka trainings under the tutelage and supervision of Tommy Johansson.

The ten sessions will be spread across the 5 days of the Camp. In addition, the participants are assured of Top level security and a secured environment which the Union Bank Sports Complex offers, take away meals each day, Complete TikiTaka branded kits consisting of shirt, short and a TikiTaka branded ball, on the spot medical services and other exciting and juicy packages.

To find out more about the TikiTaka Coaching Course and Summer Camp, like TikiTaka Football Development Programs in Nigeria on facebook.

You can also contact, Segun on 08026962451, Prince on 07037542021 and Remmy on 07082859520

By Adebayo Oluwasegun